Leslie's Personalized Slates

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Rollin' Down the River......Hallton was quite a hit with the gang.  We stopped in the pick up canoe spot just before Hallton and threw back some shots, then headed to Hallton in our "glob hats" but encountered a small problem when we came upon the Hallton Bridge........we exceeded the weight limit so we all had to get out and walk across........Rodger our driver was the greatest to even attempt the dangerous feat crossing the bridge with our loaded coolers, risking his life for our fun........but he made it, we loaded back in and stirred up some dust at the Hallton Hilton........more scavenger hunt items were found, hubcap, light bulbs from the bathrooms, glasses, etc..........after a few more shots Chet busted out the permanent marker and started to brand us all with tatoos..........after we filled up on piles of fries and 15 year old pickles we were on the road once again.




Just before Hallton we take a group pic and throw back some MORE lemon drops and Jell-O shots.

eLISA telling secrets...


Is Crit...

A looking for a smoke

B.patting her ass to see if it's dry.

C. half way through the Macarana.

Chet getting squirrelly with Lush.
Side view.
Positions everyone.

Uh oh......we exceed the weight limit.  Everybody out and Rodger was willing to drive the bus across.  Thankfully we could leave the coolers on board!

Everybody scatter.
Oh this is killing me, how funny!!!  And cracking me up more is Beth back there getting another signature on her scavenger hunt sheet!

She also scored two pair of underwear on the other side of the bridge...even though her team had "bra" we gave it to her for the effort!.

Bridge over troubled water? or.... trouble on the bridge!
The bus patiently waits.
Feels like we went the length of the Kinzua bridge especially when you are buzzed and laughing so hard..........
All clear.
On the way back Crit and soFE stayed on the bus by hiding in the back seats after everyone got off to cross the bridge again.  This is what it looked like downstream.
And here was up stream.
All this could be yours.......
Hallton Hilton, home of the Belly Buster and closed on Mondays.
Note the sign on window.....Non Smoking Section Not Available.
Only moments after taking our seats Dumpster Diving Dan gets extra credit for scooping out this hubcap in the garbage can outside!
What a beautiful sight...so shiny and new.
Is there going to be a wedding?
Eye damage occurred after this stunt.....bifocals have been needed every since.
Little loopy? Chetty.
Rrrrrrrrrrrosa is so excited shots are being ordered.
You never know what foreign little green shots can do to people......
What....you want a Tat Two?
Now that's something to growl at.
Oh, it's a......big freaking cross.
What an artist......who knew?  Cubby thinks there's two crosses on my arm according to his crossed eyes.
"Kim, I think I'm going to go with barbed wire around my ankle. Way to be creative Lisa, me too."
All wired up.
Buffy, lighten up back there!
Now Kim's turn.
Looks like it tickles?
Cubby goes Pamela Anderson style.  Or maybe that's all Chet knows how to draw???
Leslie in the litter box.
Getting ready to place a small ball of TP in the corner.....last time it was there for a year!


One more time.....

Senor I think I hear a cow say Moo Moo.  Senor I think I hear a sheep say Baa Baa.  Senor I think I hear a man say Sunny Beach.



How fun is this?
We shud do thus gan nex 'yer............
Forty really doesn't suck and the suckers were pretty good too!  And bonus... my hair remained glob free.  Who do you think the spirit is behind me on the curtain???
Onward to Marienville YES


Last modified: November 23, 2010